Current Openings

Entry Level to Senior Level Software Developers (Multiple Positions):

Analyze, Develop & Test Multi-Tier Enterprise applications using various web-based technologies such as SSRS HTML/ XHTML, Jquery, Java/J2EE, CSS, and Object-oriented design (OOD) Java Script, ASP.NET, C#, Ajax, SQL, SOAP, REST, JSON, SOQL Queries, APEX classes, SharePoint and IBM tools et al. Design and develop applications using Lightning web components, Aura components, Visualforce, Apex Code. Working with salesforce AppExchange products like Conga composer, Flosum, Action grid, DocuSign, design solutions using technologies like, and (API, APEX & Visualforce). Perform feasibility studies and may require traveling for setting up various systems across the nation.

Please send resume, Cover Letter and Salary requirements to, Adisols LLC at 710 Van Ness Avenue, # 173, Fresno, CA 93721.