Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation software, which helps businesses to improve the efficiency of their marketing activities. And it does so providing:

  • 27%
    increase in the lead volume
  • 30%
    increase in lead conversion
  • 25%
    increase in marketing ROI
  • Source: Salesforce Relationship Survey

    Having gained experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we’re able to deliver a set of related services from consulting to support aimed to help your business benefit from using the software.

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    With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you get a set of tools intended to cover all marketing needs:

    Data Management Tools

    Data management

    Capturing and processing data with Salesforce DMP

    We choose to introduce Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) first as it’s a hub of marketing data that will be further leveraged by other marketing tools. The DMP captures and stores data from all customer touchpoints (e.g., emails, live chat, phone calls, social media) giving your marketing team insights into the audience. From there, they can segment customers based on a variety of attributes and personalize communication by customizing marketing activities to interests and needs of particular segments. This data-driven approach is likely to pay off with more engaged customers and, therefore, higher revenue.

    Customer communication

    Gathering insights about customer communication with Interaction Studio

    Interaction Studio serves to capture every customer interaction with your brand across all touchpoints in real time. Its power is in delivering the data right when it can be used to the best advantage. With the Studio, marketers get suggested the best action or journey adapted to how a customer’s interaction with a company is unfolding at a given moment. For example, they will be able to personalize product recommendations during an online shopping journey of a customer based on the products the latter has browsed.

    Data Studio

    Reaching new audiences with Data Studio

    Salesforce offers Data Studio – a data-sharing solution that creates a safe environment for data owners and purchasers to connect directly and exchange the information. Basically, Data Studio is a marketplace of second-party data. This means that marketers have a unique opportunity to discover new audiences and include them in marketing activities. Let’s say, a sports retailer could purchase a database of subscribers to an online workout resource and launch a campaign offering them sportswear.

    Customer Communication Tools

    Email Studio

    Targeted email marketing campaigns with Email Studio

    Email Studio provides extensive functionality covering all the features required to effectively communicate with customers via emails:

    • Customer segmentation capabilities
    • Dynamic content
    • Customizable email templates
    • Responsive email design
    • Drag-and-drop editor to create an email from content blocks
    • Support for A/B testing
    • Preview and test
    • Email analytics

    Social studio

    Building social media presence with Social Studio

    Social Studio allows companies to build effective social media presence. This is how the Studio might be helpful to several departments:

    • Marketers may develop corporate profiles – create engaging content, promote marketing campaigns and communicate with the audience. Meanwhile, marketing managers keep an eye on the big picture and evaluate if a company’s efforts in social media pay off.
    • A sales team may start nurturing prospects by tracking posts with an information request and a purchasing intention.
    • Service agents may follow the same logic – once they see a complaint or negative feedback in social media, they can contact a customer and set an issue.

    Personal marketing

    Integrating personalized advertising into your marketing strategy with Advertising Studio

    If you are going to invest in advertising, this Studio may increase ROI. Leveraging customer data stored in Salesforce, your marketers can advertise relevant content to customers in Google Search and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). For example, in Advertising Studio, one can create upsell ads tailored to the purchase history of customers. As a result, they are more likely to click and move on to shopping – the aim is achieved.

    Mobile studio

    Effective mobile communication with Mobile Studio

    Your team can turn to Mobile Studio to:

    • Send mobile messages and push notifications personalized to different customer segments.
    • Deliver transactional notifications and time-sensitive messages like password resets, shipping reminders or order updates to mobile.
    • Add geofence messages to engage with customers instantly after they have entered or exited a targeted area (the feature will be particularly valuable for brick-and-mortar businesses).

    Where Data Management and Customer Communication Meet

    Customer jorney

    Creating customer communication scenarios with Journey Builder

    The bigger your customer base grows and the more communication channels you engage, the more challenging it becomes to achieve data-driven customer-focused marketing. This is when marketers will fully appreciate Journey Builder to create communication scenarios for different customer segments (created with the help of data management tools) and engage with them timely and in the winning way (using customer communication tools). Journeys unfold depending on how customers react to marketing actions. For example, one can send an offer with the product assortment to new customers a week after their first purchase. The two possible pathways for the journey are:

    • If a customer opens the email, they get a discount coupon for the second purchase.
    • If they don’t open the email, they get a reminder in a week.

    Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows developing targeted marketing campaigns for a large customer base effectively.

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    Example of a Promotional Campaign Created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    All the tools of Marketing Cloud work together for your marketing team to succeed in multichannel marketing. Here is how a draft plan for a promotional campaign developed in Salesforce can look.

    Aim: To create a Black Friday promotional campaign for a fashion retailer.

    We are planning to announce the Black Friday sale, send different emails with discounted products to female and male customers, and offer free delivery to loyal buyers exclusively.



    Salesforce offers 3 Marketing Cloud suites. Each product suite is available in 4 pricing plans – Basic, Pro, Corporate and Enterprise – depending on the number of features it provides. You need to purchase a yearly subscription to start using the suite.

    Suite 1. Email, Mobile, and Web Marketing
    Suite 2. Social Media Marketing
    Suite 3. Digital Advertising
    Suite 4. B2B Marketing Automation
    • Email marketing
    • Mobile messaging
    • Marketing automation
    • Campaign management
    • Journey Builder
    • Personalization Builder
    • Data analytics

    Starts at: $400 per month

    • Social listening and analysis
    • Content marketing
    • Community engagement and social care

    Starts at: $1,000 per month

    • Integration with marketing and CRM data
    • Targeted advertising

    Starts at: $1,250 per month

    • Lead generation
    • Lead qualification
    • Lead nurturing
    • Lead tracking

    Starts at: $1,250 per month

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