Working exclusively with nonprofits.

Helping nonprofits generate vital funding and build communities for change
Strategic Growth Funding

Does your nonprofit need growth funding to expand existing operations or pursue a bold, new opportunity? We help our nonprofit clients build their case for growth funding. We then help find the funders that can invest in our client’s plan.

Donor Acquisition & Development

We help nonprofits build a growing base of financial support, and we show our clients how to use digital strategies, tactics, and tools to accelerate and sustain this process.

Digital Advocacy, Organizing & Mobilization

Are you seeking to change policy, advance an issue or stop budget cuts? Online engagement offers powerful opportunities to advocate, organize and mobilize. We help our clients leverage digital power for advocacy campaigns and community-building.

Nonprofit Branding & Communications

We work with clients to build their brands, so that people choose to support their organization over the many other worthwhile charities. We help our clients build brands to thrive in the digital age – at lower costs and with greater impact.

Website Development

Building empowering and engaging nonprofit websites that balance the stakeholder needs, build brand and help the right people discover your organization.


Create the calls-to-action and appeals to inspire people to take action. We help create the asks that works.

Social Media & Search Advertising

Are you tired of social posting that gets no love? Are you ready to double the number of visitors to your website? We can do it for you or show you how.

Donor Targeting

Identify the people with resources and desire to give to your nonprofits. Guide your board members and volunteers to engage with these potential donors.

Technology Implementation

Get the most from your investments in digital technologies. This takes selecting the right technologies, providing the training, and working through resistance to change.


With Adisols, your team develops the new skills needed to get results … and uses the right performance measurement to get the team working together.

Who We Can Help

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization might be, at Adisols we’re interested in your mindset and attitude. If your organization has an entrepreneurial mindset then we’re excited to help you reach your goals and advance your mission.

What’s an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

It means being drawn to opportunities, innovation and creating value for stakeholders. It can start with a big idea or a smaller initiative. The entrepreneurial mindset is about believing that change can happen. It’s about saying “yes, we can.” And it’s about knowing that the strategic – even transformative – resources can be found and secured.


The more you know, the more that we will be able to do together and the more lasting the impact.

Adisols offers a growing catalog of courses to help nonprofit teams and boards exploit the power of “digital for good.” On-demand and in-person training programs address the many facets of nonprofit fundraising, advocacy and marketing.