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For 15 years, Adisols’s solutions have been proving that a thought-out CRM strategy and robust software add up to efficient customer relationship management.

Want to Maximize Your Salesforce Value?
If you’re looking to make the most of your Salesforce solution, check what prevents it from working to the full. Adisols’s experts are ready to audit your Salesforce CRM, spotting inefficient processes, duplicate records, and other faults to help you leverage your Salesforce potential.

Why Choose Adisols

  • 12 years in CRM development
  • 150 professionals on board
  • Salesforce partner
  • A team of certified Salesforce developers and admins
  • Industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise generated during 15 years in software development and consulting (experience in IoT, big data, data science, collaboration solutions, mobile app development and image analysis applied to complex projects that go beyond Salesforce)

Customers Say

“Adisols has done an amazing job of making our internal processes more efficient, implementing changes without causing any interruptions to the business. The changes they've made within Salesforce are reliable and functional.”

The National Manager of a US-based Roofing Company

Our Salesforce Services

Adisols provides a full set of Salesforce professional services to support your CRM strategy with an appropriate software solution.

Salesforce consulting

Rely on our skilled consultants to solve your specific CRM challenges – from low sales productivity and deficient alignment between departments to CRM performance issues. Our experts will train your employees to fulfill the potential of Salesforce.

Salesforce implementation

Our team is ready to perform Salesforce implementation for you to get a reliable solution. From implementation consulting to after-launch support, we work on the solution that will efficiently address your business needs.

Salesforce customization

Get a solution designed to fit the requirements of your industry and business. Unlock all capabilities of the Salesforce platform with fine-tuned modules for sales and marketing automation, lead and opportunity management, performance management, reporting and more.

Salesforce application development

Get a custom Salesforce application to go far beyond default functionality in improving your sales, marketing and customer service processes, or an AppExchange app to generate revenue from it, or an app to integrate your software product with Salesforce.

Salesforce migration

Safely migrate to Salesforce from your legacy system, on-premises or cloud hosted. Our team will help to securely transfer all customer data, minimize work disruptions and speed up user adoption.

Salesforce integration

Ensure a seamless information flow between departments and get full customer data consistency by connecting Salesforce to other corporate software run on the premises or hosted in the cloud. We are ready to take up complex projects regarding Salesforce integration with ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing automation, and other systems.

Salesforce upgrade

As long as your business grows, extend the platform’s functionality, get custom add-ons and incorporate technical advances into your Salesforce to stay ahead of the competition.

Salesforce support and maintenance

Ensure long-term stability of your Salesforce. Just choose a convenient package to anticipate and promptly resolve performance issues, minimize system downtimes, and improve user adoption.

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