Stripe for Salesforce

Stripe Connect for Salesforce

Manage all of Stripe Connect in Salesforce without any code. Go live within minutes.

Simplify payment processes and view data in Salesforce

Thousands of companies use Stripe Connect to accept funds and pay vendors. For companies using Salesforce to manage vendors, important payment data lives separately in Stripe, meaning users spend unnecessary time viewing or moving vendor data between the two platforms. Adisols's native-to-Salesforce payments app lets businesses view payment data connected to Salesforce contacts and accounts.

Routing Payments

Adisols helps you create a routing and payout engine connected to your Salesforce contacts and accounts. Receive money as a platform and programmatically or manually send the money to your partners, taking any contracted payment splits.

Set up automated payment flows to your customers, vendors, contractors, banks, and others. Adisols uses Salesforce to route funds, process automated or manual payouts to your connected accounts, and simplify user account onboarding.


One customer is charged and one recipient is paid out, with a 1:1 relationship between charge and transfer (e.g. a ride-sharing service).

Flows and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

One customer is charged, and the funds are split between multiple recipients (e.g. a retail marketplace where a consumer can purchase from multiple online stores).

Flows and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

Multiple customers are charged and the funds are split out across multiple recipients (e.g. a SaaS platform that charges customers a monthly fee for access to fitness classes at various studios).

Flows and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

A platform charges a recipient a fee (e.g. an e-commerce platform charging a monthly subscription fee for its services) directly from its Stripe balance.

Flow and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

A platform accepts funds from customers and holds them in reserve for up to 90 days before paying out recipients (e.g. a ticketing platform that pays recipients only after an event has taken place).

Flow and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

A platform can use Connect only to facilitate recipient payouts (e.g. a platform accepts check payments to payout multiple providers)

Flow and visuals are adapted from Stripe Connect.

Focus on your customers instead of your processes

Imagine how much time you'd save if you could view real-time, Stripe dashboard information in Salesforce. And how much easier it would be if your vendor onboarding sent the right info automatically and securely to Salesforce and Stripe

Improve Vendor Experience

Let vendors onboard themselves. Capture Stripe's required information and your own at the same time. Onboard with your website or UI, within a Community, or your platform while managing everything through Salesforce.

Save Time with Connected Vendor

Relate vendors – through our Stripe Connected Accounts – to Salesforce accounts. Quickly view charges, refunds, transfers, disputes, and payouts, contextually and natively in your org without accessing the Stripe Dashboard.

We Handle Risk and Security

Let Adisols and Stripe manage PCI-compliance for you. Adisols uses Stripe's tokenization technology, so sensitive card information is never stored in Salesforce. Additionally, Stripe Radar is supported to aid in managing fraud.


How it works

Sync your Salesforce and Stripe data simultaneously.

Adisols makes it easy to connect your Stripe account to your Salesforce org. We use Stripe's robust API and webhooks to bi-directionally integrate data, processing all applicable Stripe objects and callouts.

Our Partners

We work with Salesforce Implementation and Appexchange solutions to help businesses succeed. Does your customer have questions about events or payments? Want to find out more about our partnership program? We're here to help.

Nonprofits and fundraising

Our solution integrates with NPSP and streamlines donation management end to end.